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Meet Echo and Emily NWP

Meet Echo Aspnes, author, and Emily Beresford, actor. Two participants in Nevertheless We Persisted



Echo is the author of "Not The Mother" in our audiobook compilation. 

Echo says:  "I approach my writing the same way I approach my life, with a lot of humor and very little grace. I prefer to show the realness of parenting, of womanhood and of life in general. I think it helps people realize that none of us have to bare these burdens alone."

Find her online: 

Facebook: @TheMadMommy

Instagram: @irkedmommy

Twitter: @irkedmommy

Emily Beresford

Emily is performing "Not The Mother"


Emily is participating in Nevertheless We Persisted because "There are few greater gifts we can share with others than love, empathy, and empowerment. This project represents all of that, and I am thrilled to be a part of it."

Find out more about her here: