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Meet Amy, Author and Performer Participating in NWP

Amy Oestreicher

Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, health advocate, survivor, award-winning actress, and playwright.  She works individually with her innovative creativity coaching, business, speaking, and social media courses.  As creator of her one-woman musical Gutless & Grateful , the #LoveMyDetour Campaign, which was the subject of her TEDx Talk, she's currently touring theatres nationwide, along with a program combining mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness  and Broadway Theatre for college campuses and international conferences.  Subscribe to her newsletter for updates and free excerpts from her upcoming book, My Beautiful Detour, available December 2017.  Get your free creativity e-book at and a free guide to getting a TEDx Talk at

Amy will perform her original piece "The Moment I Found The Courage To Heal". She says of Nevertheless We Persisted: "I am participating in this project because I feel that now more than ever, we can fight stigma, create inclusion and cultivate resilience through the power of story."

A few more places to find out more about Amy:

Twitter: @amyoes

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