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Meet Christina & Amy participants in "Nevertheless We Persisted"

Christina St. Clair

Christina St Clair was born and raised in London, England. She has been a shop girl in London, an au-pair in Paris, a chemist in Pittsburgh, and is also a writer with several published novels. Her writings (novels, blogs, articles, essays) tend to contain a spiritual element. She is a Reiki master, Christian minister, and spiritual director.


When she was sixty, she earned a degree in pastoral ministry with a concentration in Women’s Studies: "At first, the very idea of Women’s Studies offended me, which revealed my deep prejudice against myself. As a woman, shouldn't I want to know about women's lives? Shouldn't all women? My MA taught me much about the spiritual nature of Western culture, and the struggles of women, and our need to tell our stories in order to understand ourselves." Excerpt from Ziggy the Miracle Dog.

Earthmother is an essay exploring the unbidden anger that almost overwhelmed her as she realized how limited her potential had been in a patriarchal society not only from social mores but also from her interior view of herself, as a woman, as a person without power. She'd certainly fought against male dominance in work environments all her life, but somehow this rising anger was empowering.

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Amy McFadden



Amy recently won the 2017 Audie for Best Collection of Short Stories, THE BRINK: STORIES, by Austin Bunn, published by Blunder Woman Productions, and performed by seven talented narrators. 

She says: "The piece I'm performing, Earth Mother, shows the power and joy in anger. Power we're taught not to access, and joy in acting decisively for ourselves."

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