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Meet Tamara and Sarah--Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Tamara Harasen

Tamara is a sometimes lawyer, golfer, and mom who has finally realized that if she's not having fun, the people around her are not having as much fun as they ought to be having either. When her bills have been paid she travels, writes, embarrasses her children, and upcycles vintage furniture. Her twitter contact is @Tewashy. She has a short story slated for publication this fall in an anthology of women’s fiction, and her piece in Nevertheless We Persisted is called "A First Kiss".

Sarah Mollo-Christensen


Sarah is performing Tamara's piece "A First Kiss". She says of participating in the Nevertheless We Persist project:

"Persisting, let alone resisting, seems harder than ever lately, but this project reminds me that we're all in this together, and none of us are alone."

Please visit her at: to find out more about her narration work.