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Meet Charlotte and Nicol, Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Charlotte McKinnon

Charlotte's piece is called THE WEATHER REPORT. She writes: 

"My piece is a dramatization of what happens to me when I forget to take care of myself. I have learned to count the time between such events and relish when the space gets longer and longer between those episodes.  I’m not ashamed of my anxiety attacks, rather I use them as a mental health measuring stick.

That time I didn’t listen to the subtle winds of warning.

Often times we as women put ourselves under an enormous amount of pressure to be more, do more, accomplish more than perhaps can be done in a single day.  The consequences of that is poor health, anxiety, low self-esteem and so on. If we were to truly see ourselves as wonderful individuals with a palette of unique talents that can paint the world, there would be so much more joy in it."

Nicol Zanzerella

Nicol Zanzerella

Nicol Zanzerella

Nicol says of narrating and participating in this special audiobook: 

"It becomes clearer every day that sharing stories is a way for human beings to come together across miles, experiences, circumstances...and cultivate understanding, empathy, perspective. It is an honor to be trusted with the telling of someone's story, and to have a safe and welcoming place to share your own. Thank you, BlunderWoman Productions, for providing just that."

You can find out more about her here