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Meet Karen, Martha, and Emily...Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Karen Friday Randall

Karen Friday Randall, author

Karen Friday Randall, author

Karen's piece is called CHANGE and is performed by Emily Sutton Smith. CHANGE is a moment with heart that affected Karen's perspective, told with love and warmth. 

Karen Friday Randall is a homeschooling mother of 4 incredible, awesome children. She also owns several small businesses. She is a person who likes to laugh. A lot. At herself, mostly. She is also a papercut survivor. In addition, Karen likes everyone she meets. It’s a disease, really …she’s considering injections.  

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Martha McSweeney Brower

Martha McSweeny Brower, author

Martha McSweeny Brower, author

Martha's piece is called THE MARVIN GAYE CURE. She talks about how listening to Marvin Gaye has brought out her inner femininity through a lifetime of change. 

She says of writing:
"I like to look forward to things. Whether it’s a hike or a visit to/from someone, I find it’s nice to look forward. Not that I don’t like living in the present and looking out a window at the leaves or the snow falling--- I’m a life-long daydreamer--- I just like to make sure that there is something uplifting coming along. This fall, I’m looking forward to hiking the 100-mile wilderness in Maine.  Over the years, I have worked at over twenty jobs, mostly menial, and learned from every one of them. "

Emily Sutton Smith


Emily Sutton Smith, actor

Emily Sutton Smith, actor

Emily says of the craft of narrating and participating in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED: 

"Storytelling awakens our humanity. We laugh, we cry, we think, we feel compassion, we are moved to act. It reminds us that we have more in common with each other than not. Storytelling has never been more important than it is right now." 

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