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Meet Mark, Danielle, & Erin...Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Mark Kamish

Mark Kamish, Actor

Mark Kamish, Actor

Mark is performing a poem about love and loving by Jack Arkell. Mark says of participating in Nevertheless We Persisted: 

"Spiritual teachers remind us we are not separate from the whole. We are indeed one with the sun, the earth, the air and with each other. To me, that's what this book is about; I'm delighted to help share it.

Find out more about him at

Danielle Dayney

Danielle Dayney, Writer

Danielle Dayney, Writer

Danielle's piece is called SURVIVING TACO NIGHT WITHOUT A DRINK and will be performed by Erin Bennet. She says of writing this:

"This essay was inspired by a weekend of heavy drinking, a night of insomnia, and my desire to be a better person. I knew if I put something on paper about my habit, then maybe it would reinforce that desire. It has. If you like this essay, then check out my blog at"

Erin Bennett

Erin Bennett, Actor

Erin Bennett, Actor

Erin performs SURVIVING TACO NIGHT WITHOUT A DRINK and says of the piece and participating in this project:

"Persistence - there is so much energy packed into that word. Persistence never stops.. it can keep reinventing itself and keep renewing itself.  This word is my new inspiration."

Find out more about her here: 




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