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Meet Lauren and Karen, Authors & Actors in Nevertheless We Persisted

Lauren Ezzo

Lauren Ezzo (as Author)

Lauren Ezzo (as Author)

Lauren Ezzo's piece is called "Why I Was in a Terrible Mood that Time We Ran Into Each Other at the Grocery Store Last Year" and details a relationship that went to a darker place than she'd expected. She handles it with humor and a tender vulnerability. She performs the piece herself and says: 

"I think my piece speaks for itself, in terms of inspiration. Everything in the piece is factual, and did occur. But I found, while desperately searching for lifelines during that period, very little, or outdated information regarding convicted felons and their families and loved ones. It feels, to me, at least, like a modern scarlet letter. Those who carry it aren't always who you expect, especially given that about 1 in 12 Americans has some kind of felony conviction. The decision to commit a crime is always that, a choice- but for many the convictions and consequences that follow can obliterate any hope of rehabilitation. The first step to solving a problem, is to speak about it, come clean-and that's a small slice of why I wrote my piece."

Lauren also narrates an essay by Jackie Pick...highlighted in a separate post. Just click on her name to read more about her.

Find Lauren online here: 

Twitter: @SingleWithFries 



Karen White


Karen White, Author & Actor

Karen White, Author & Actor

Karen White is sharing her talents as a writer, and also performing her pieces. She has a poem called THE BOX and a short essay on FAITH. She wrote about the process of narrating her own work here.

She says of the process of participating in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED: 

"My road to writing has been at the speed of a tortoise. Several years ago when I was living in Los Angeles, I joined a writing group founded by writing teacher Risa Okin of It was a lovely group of women, supportive and casual. Risa would give us a theme each month, we’d write on the topic, read what we’d written at the meeting, and give each other feedback. It was the first time I’d participated in such a group and it planted a seed that’s been growing slowly ever since. I had a food blog (Real Moms Real Food) for some time, where I shared recipes and my efforts to feed an extremely challenging young eater that I’d spawned. When I moved back to North Carolina, I met a magazine publisher when I spoke at a library fundraiser. He said that he could tell I had stories in me, and invited me to write an essay for his regional magazine, Salt. That was my first published piece. Now, seven or eight years since joining Risa’s group, I’ve written two novels and am working toward publishing them.

I am an audiobook narrator by trade – I have 300+ books to my credit and have been recording since 1999. You can find out about that at I met the Blunder Woman herself through the audiobook community (the nicest and smartest community of actors, we like to think) and confessed that I’d been writing. I loved the idea of Nevertheless, We Persisted, and decided to look back at my writing to find something to submit. The two pieces Tanya chose for the collection came from that original writing group. The themes were “The Box” and “Faith”. (I’m guessing you’ll be able to tell which goes with which, as I wasn’t terribly creative with the titles.) Both address concepts I have always struggled with. Writing through my emotional, existential and/or ethical struggles has been therapeutic and enlightening for me. I hope that those who hear them will be likewise provoked."


NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED is thrilled to have Lauren & Karen participate not just as narrators, but writers, and appreciate their openness to share.


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