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Meet Christa and Sahana, Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Christa Lewis

Christa is both a writer and a performer. She is performing her own poetry in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED, along with a series of poems by Sahana Kumar. 

Christa says of her poem:

Christa Lewis, Author and Actor

Christa Lewis, Author and Actor

"I began writing The Day your Jekyll ate my Hyde as I was trying to make sense of an incredibly destructive relationship I was in at the time. We were fabulously in love and ferociously incapable of behaving like adults between breakfast and dinner time. I was heartbroken by that and did not know how to change it.

The poem took weeks to write but once it was finished, something beautiful had been created out of the mess I was living.

Time and a few breakups later, and I'm still grateful for this poem. These days I narrate audiobooks for a living, and get to participate in a lot of other people's explorations - for which I am truly thankful."

Find out more about her at

Sahana Kumar

Sahana Kumar, Author

Sahana Kumar, Author

Sahana is including four of her poems in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED. They are lovely words on relationships and self. One quote, in particular, mirrors what happens when you combine good storytelling with an accomplished narrator:

A story is hope. A story is despair.

Only the story will stay. The teller will disappear.

Sahana says of writing:

"I like to write because it's a good creative outlet. I'm the kind of person who likes to be, and needs to be, creative. I may not do something creative every single day (even though I know I should write everyday) but I need creativity in my life. I like to write because it's just something I do for me. It makes me feel productive and important. I don't do it to please anyone else. Truth be told, I'm probably my toughest critic anyway!" 

You can find her musings, here: