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Meet Tanya, Amy & Julie...Participants in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED

Tanya Eby

Tanya Eby, Editor & Author

Tanya Eby, Editor & Author

Tanya is a professional narrator with nearly 600 titles to her credit. She's narrating the intro and credits of NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED. She's also the editor of the project and has included two or her written pieces, MY NAME IS NOT LOLITA and I LOVE YOU LESS.

She says:

"Storytelling to me is important. I think it's one of the few ways that we can teach empathy. When you're listening to a story, when you're immersed in someone else's point of view, it helps you imagine a life outside of your own. Hopefully in your real life, when you meet someone who has different experiences than you, this empathy-training can help you connect.

"I wanted to create a project where writers and narrators could come together to share words that make us feel. Maybe they're sad, maybe they're funny, maybe they're uplifting. NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED has exceeded my expectations. It's truly a beautiful collection with voices from across the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and India participating.

"I had narrators read pieces blindly (without author names) and comment on pieces they connected to. Every poem, story, and essay was claimed by a narrator who felt a deep connection; many of the pieces claimed again and again. Then I assigned based on those connections to even out the pieces between the narrators.

"My friends and colleagues have supported this project with their talent and expertise:

Kim Hindman of 10 Digit Press, designed the cover.

Troy Otte of Featured Audio has donated his engineering and post work.

Stuart Poltrock of Sound Post Studio recorded two Michigan writers (Gina Dawe and Nancy Wagner).

Rachel Wisley-Schulz donated her legal services. 

Nick Shillace and Jenny Knaggs added their music.

A dozen people have donated funds. 

And 34 writers and 30 narrators are participating. 

"This project has warmed my heart. I hope it will warm yours too."

Find Tanya on Twitter. She posts random thoughts, audiobook updates, stupid jokes, and sometimes pictures of food she makes. 


Amy Landon

Amy Landon, Actor

Amy Landon, Actor

Amy Landon performs the poem PARROTS by Tricia Lowther (highlighted soon) and the short story MY NAME IS NOT LOLITA by Tanya Eby. Both pieces deal with different kinds of loss. She says: 

"we persist because we must as we always have. because the alternative is to lie down silent in the face of evil, ignorance, hatred, greed and pride. and that is no way to live."

Find her here:


Julie McKay

Julie has narrated over 200 titles. She says:

Julie McKay, Actor

Julie McKay, Actor

"Storytelling is about community. It allows us to empathize with someone whose experience externally may be totally different from our own, it asks us to see ourselves in a another’s failures and successes, and it gives us permission to put breath or ink to our own experiences. I am so pleased to be involved this project and to take part in that process of connection."

Find her on Twitter @MissJulieMcKay


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