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Meet Janina and Kate, Participants in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED

Janina Edwards

Janina is very excited to part of Nevertheless We Persisted as both an author and an actor. Regarding the piece she wrote, she says:

This is a public domain image that Janina feels captures the spirit she tries to evoke with her storytelling.

This is a public domain image that Janina feels captures the spirit she tries to evoke with her storytelling.

“I am a writer, but my writing is primarily technical—grant proposal writing for arts non-profits. The piece I wrote was totally spur of the moment. I wrote it when I was on vacation in August, just as I described. Atypically, I wrote a poem/prose piece. I never do that. Then I shared it on FaceBook. I NEVER do that. Call me old school, but I just don’t think people are interested in my every thought, or pictures of what I ate. Lol. Voicing my own work was a lot of fun. Since it’s short, I played with the piece several ways. The version I shared with the public is not the most extreme presentation, but I was able to go further than in a typical audiobook. 

Voicing Kass Hillard’s piece (the poem WOMAN RISE UP) was a lot of fun and fulfills a personal mission. I’m not a political person. I don’t typically march in the streets, but I have a strong sense of ethics. I’m a humanist, and a practicing yogi. As a voice actor, part of my mission is to literally give a voice to stories, messages, and people that reflect humanist and vedic (i.e. yogic) principles. Through my work, I can give voice to the change I want to see in the world (to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi).”

Kate Rudd

Kate Rudd, Actor. (Photo credit: Scott Sherratt)

Kate Rudd, Actor. (Photo credit: Scott Sherratt)

Kate Rudd performs the essay by Jerrianne Hayslett called ESCAPING REVOLUTION: THE CHILDREN ARE SAFE. 

She says of this project: 

"Stories like the ones found in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED remind me that we will never run out of new things to learn; we'll always have within books a safe place to hide when we crave a break from busy lives. And when I read I remember, maybe most importantly, that I am not alone. None of us are."

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