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Meet Tricia and Tammy, Authors in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED

Tricia Lowther

Tricia Lowther, Author

Tricia Lowther, Author

Tricia Lowther's piece is a beautiful poem called PARROTS and is performed by Amy Landon

Tricia is a freelance writer from the UK. She writes web content, non-fiction articles and creative pieces. She is a feminist parent who helped to start the UK's award winning Let Toys Be Toys campaign, which has raised awareness of gendered marketing to children and brought change to the toy and children’s publishing industries.

Find her on Twitter here: @TrishLowt

Tammy Scott

Tammy Scott, Author

Tammy Scott, Author

Tammy's essay in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED is called WHITEWATER WHITE KNUCKLES and is performed by Lauri Jo Daniels. It's a piece that shows how conquering fears can make you stronger. 

Tammy Scott makes her students laugh during the day, then goes home to 4 creatures who make her laugh: her husband and 3 cats. A lifetime of anxiety and poor coordination has given her the material to write humorous essays. Her work has appeared in Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays and Not Your Mother’s Book on Family. She blogs as Paprika Furstenburg at