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Meet Sue and Erin, Participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Sue Pitkin

Sue Pitkin, Author & Actor

Sue Pitkin, Author & Actor

Sue's piece is called HERO HOARDER and is a lovely note to her nieces in which she offers them advice and encourages them to collect heroes, and not things. 

She says:

"I am taking part in this project because I want to live in a world in which people remember how incredibly rare an occurrence organic life is in the universe and act accordingly; we are all of us valuable (well, that and chocolate. we are the only planet which has chocolate.)"

You can find her online here:

Erin Mallon

Erin Mallon, Actor

Erin Mallon, Actor

Erin is performing a piece called EPIPHANY by Sandy Logan. She says:

"As a narrator and a playwright, I am always thrilled to participate in telling women's stories with all their complexities and humor and passion. The compilation of stories in Nevertheless We Persisted feels especially important and timely. Epiphany tells the story of a woman who has unknowingly shut off a part of herself for 44 years, until she suddenly and unexpectedly comes face to face with her true self. It's messy, painful, but ultimately triumphant."

Find her on Facebook here: