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Meet Rodney and James...participants in Nevertheless We Persisted

Rodney Vaccaro 

Rodney Vaccaro, Writer

Rodney Vaccaro, Writer

Rodney's piece, SOCKS, is an interlude that transforms an everyday object into something with emotional weight, and is performed by James Patrick Cronin.

Rodney says:

"I have been a working screenwriter and proud WGA member for the last 30 years. I sort of fell into writing after a life of just screwing around. I have always written poetry, and I consider these small pieces to be poems. I do them if I'm stuck or bored, or if I need to work out a thought in my head. What I love about both screenwriting poetry is the economy of words... the precision. I am haunted by words."


James Patrick Cronin

James Patrick Cronin, Actor

James Patrick Cronin, Actor

James is a narrator and actor based in LA. He says of participating in NEVERTHELESS WE PERSISTED:

"I gravitated toward the Socks monologue because I loved the metaphor. Humans are so alike in so many ways, but we feel connected to specific people for unique reasons. Finding and sharing life with partners is such a relatable human struggle and I thought it was beautifully articulated in this piece."

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