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Blunder Woman Productions publishes and produces awesome audiobooks.

What We Do At Blunder Woman Productions

Tanya Eby, Owner of BWP, Staring into the sun.    

Tanya Eby, Owner of BWP, Staring into the sun. 


Hey, there! It's your friendly tour guide, Tanya Eby, writing to you from the wilds of Michigan. And by 'wilds', I mean I'm at my kitchen counter with the AC on full blast hiding from the sun, because the sun? It burns.

I thought since I've been in business for almost two years, perhaps it was time to let you know what exactly happens at Blunder Woman Productions. Maybe you've seen a post of ours, or someone mentioned us and your first thought was "WTF is this?" 

That's what I'm going to try to answer.

Just after I chew this here ice cube.


WTF does Blunder Woman Productions do? 

I started Blunder Woman Productions (BWP) on account of my brain and my thighs. This will be a future blog post, so that's the teaser: How My Brain And My Thighs Inspired Me To Start A New Audiobook Publishing Company.

I may have to shorten the heading a little bit.

There are several things we do here:

  • We publish audiobooks.
  • We produce audiobooks.
  • We offer casting services for audiobooks.
  • We create original content for audiobooks (and more).
  • We obsessively watch baking shows while talking to the contestants as if they can hear us and are upset when they don't just FOR PETE'S SAKES BUTTER AND FLOUR THAT PAN.

Okay. That last one is something that just I do. Not BWP.

So as you can tell from the bullet points, we deal with Audiobooks. But not solely, because why limit yourself?


So what do those bullet points mean? 

More bullet points!!!:

  • We purchase audiobook rights to published books (new and backlist) from authors, agents, and publishing houses and publish them under our umbrella.
  • We produce full audiobooks from A to Z (which is actually C to PP--Casting to Post Production) for publishers and indie authors.
  • We cast audiobooks by sending out a casting call to our awesome roster and you can choose your narrator and produce the piece on your own.
  • And we produce original content when we can, to give new writers a chance to be heard...and narrators a chance to work on something between projects that lets them stretch those acting muscles a bit. 

And BWP is trying to do all of this in a kind and open and humor-full way, because there's too much angst in the world, and frankly, angst takes a lot of energy. (Did you see how I created a word there? Humorfull? BONUS POINTS!) 

If you'd like to learn more about any of this, let me know, or visit here: Or just, you know, sit tight. I'll write more blogs as I take a deep dive behind the scenes at BWP. 

I'll leave you with this inspiring stock photo that captures what summer means to me. Because nothing says relaxing like a drunk dog. Or something. 





Photo by Javier Brosch, found on Bigstock

Photo by Javier Brosch, found on Bigstock