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Meet Laura Jennings, Performer in VINTAGE LOVE STORIES

Laura Jennings, Narrator

Laura Jennings, Narrator

Blunder Woman Productions, with the help of eight talented authors and nine equally talented narrators, will released a remarkable volume of short tales set before the age of the internet and cell phones. Vintage Love Stories features Laura Jennings’ narration of To Love is to Burn by Amanda R. Woomer

We were able to chat with Laura, and we’d love for you to get to know a bit more about her, too!  


What has been your favorite book to narrate?


I narrated a two book series for Dreamscape by Holly Goldberg Sloan. The books were beautifully written with that bittersweet humor that Ms. Sloan does so well.

How do you get into a book/story?

I look for the undercurrents. The story written between the lines. For me, this sets the tone of the book and explains the motivations of the main characters.

How do you prepare for all the different characters and their tones/vocal ranges?

I decide who the main characters are versus the one offs or the side characters. I try to understand what makes them tick and what they want. How old are they? What kind of person are they? What is the author trying to say when this person speaks. Thinking about these things usually does the trick.


Do you read a book several times before you record the audio? 

It depends. If the book requires quite a bit of research then I might have to go through it a few times. I read it at least once for prep and lightly read it again before starting.


How do you decide on the specific voice and tone to do for each character?

I try to let the acting take care of most of the character differentiation but each character's motivation and the work they do to bring the novel home usually leads me to their unique "voice". A teenage male who thinks he knows everything will naturally have a different speech pattern and will usually have very different set of weights to lift for the author than a world weary detective.

Is there an audiobook you just loved listening to? What about that narration makes it special?

I could not stop listening to Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. He was such a natural narrator of his own life. He made all the gossip about the restaurant world that really doesn't affect our lives in any way sound so vital and just fun to listen to.


Is there a scene you just loved to narrate? 

In To Love Is To Burn, there is a scene where the two main characters have made their affections known. They have decided to be together. At that moment they also realize that the town is on fire. Not just on fire but in a conflagration and a burning tree falls and separates them. This, to me, is the pivotal scene symbolically in the story. Will the disasters and bad things that happen in life keep them apart? Or is their love strong enough to bring them back to each in the aftermath of tragedy. It is a sweet little story.



Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Laura Jennings has an intrinsic appreciation of the mechanisms and techniques which comprise the art of the tale. She's able to analyze the underlying moods and currents of a book and bring these into her interpretation of the author's work. Her naturally clear and fresh voice as narrator contributes that extra dimension of enjoyment.

She has narrated titles for Audible StudiosTantor MediaInsatiable PressBlackstone Audio, and Dreamscape Media.

She enjoys a quiet lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest with her loving husband and aged beagle, Dottie. Her days are filled with narrating, yoga, hiking and, of course, always reading.

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