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Mett Mark and Paul, Author and Narrator in Nevertheless We Persisted

Mark Blickley


Mark Blickley, author

Mark Blickley, author

Mark created a piece for Nevertheless We Persisted called "Lying The Truth", in which he tries to answer the question "Are you happy" after his tour in Vietnam ended. 

He's also working on other projects like the following:

"This past Spring I collaborated on a text based art chapbook with fine arts photographer Amy Bassin, Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground (Moria Books, Chicago). The publisher sent it to the White House and members of Congress. I matched quotes from many of history's most infamous tyrants to Amy's funereal sculptural portraits to produce spins by DJ Trump surrogates from Genghis Khan to Charles Mason. Each quote (report) echoes a distinct Trumpian thought, issued forth from the weathered patinas of plein air cemetery sculptures. We consider the Trump administration to be a graveyard where each day we are forced to attend daily burials of American moral conscience and civil liberties."

To read more from Mark, check out this link to his art chapbook, Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground:


Paul Heitsch

Paul Heitsch.jpeg

Paul has narrated 50 or so titles. He says of this project: 

"I’m pleased to be working with Blunderwoman on this project, which includes so many compelling and thought-provoking stories, and humbled to be included in such a talented cast of narrators."

Find him here:

Meet Echo and Emily NWP

Meet Echo Aspnes, author, and Emily Beresford, actor. Two participants in Nevertheless We Persisted



Echo is the author of "Not The Mother" in our audiobook compilation. 

Echo says:  "I approach my writing the same way I approach my life, with a lot of humor and very little grace. I prefer to show the realness of parenting, of womanhood and of life in general. I think it helps people realize that none of us have to bare these burdens alone."

Find her online: 

Facebook: @TheMadMommy

Instagram: @irkedmommy

Twitter: @irkedmommy

Emily Beresford

Emily is performing "Not The Mother"


Emily is participating in Nevertheless We Persisted because "There are few greater gifts we can share with others than love, empathy, and empowerment. This project represents all of that, and I am thrilled to be a part of it."

Find out more about her here: