Blunderwoman Productions

we create awesome audiobooks.

Blunder Woman Productions publishes and produces awesome audiobooks.

For Authors

Get your book into audio.

Blunder Woman Productions takes care of the casting, editing, proofing and post production, delivering a professional, finished product to you or your distributor.

We can work with a narrator of your choice, and/or help you with the talent selection and audition process to find the perfect voice to tell your story.

We work with Featured Audio to ensure quality audiobooks. We offer competitive rates, quality recordings, and the best talent in the business. We occasionally purchase rights and offer contracts with royalties and an advance. 

We're ready to start the process of producing your audiobook, so that you can focus on writing your next book.

Bring your book to life.

Blunder Woman Productions also publishes 1-2 books a month under our masthead. We offer our authors royalties and, in many cases, advances. To submit your book for consideration, please tell us about your project. We'd love to hear from you.

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