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we create awesome audiobooks.

Blunder Woman Productions publishes and produces awesome audiobooks.


Call for submissions!


We want your scary ghost story, your spine chiller, your spooky campfire tale.

Chosen stories will be performed in an AUDIO ONLY (this time, for real. Only audio).

Chosen stories receive $50.00.When you’re writing, consider the sound of the piece. How it will work out loud?

We’re not adding sound effects, only performing the story as written, but our talented narrators can bring words to life in surprising ways.

Stories should be 5,000 words or less, and more “The Woman In Black” than “Saw” . We’re not into gore or torture. But psychologically creepy? Oh, yes!

Submissions due June 1st.

We will consider pieces that have been published elsewhere, as long as you hold the rights. And we’re not buying your rights. Those stay with you. We’re just getting your permission to publish it in audiobook form.


  • $50.00 if accepted

  • 5K words or less

  • Original Material

  • You retain the rights

  • Due date June 1st

Submit your piece to

Blunder Woman Productions is proudly feminist, creative, kind, and inclusive.