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Original Audiobook  Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too

Original Audiobook

Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too


Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too

Last year, Blunder Woman Productions  worked with a team of writers and professional narrators to bring you stories of love, loss, and making it through the hard stuff. We called it Nevertheless We Persisted. It was a project from the heart, and had a deep impact on the participants and the listening community. The audiobook was acknowledged with an Audie Award Nomination in 2018.

At Blunder Woman Productions, we believe in the transformative power TO BE HEARD. Through writing and sharing our stories we connect with each other, organize things within ourselves so that we can understand events, and are impacted by listening to others' stories and experiences.

This collection will feature stories that are hard to hear, but it is so important that we listen. 

We hope the essays will present a range of emotion, including anger. For too long, victims have been told to be quiet, to keep a secret, to be ashamed, to be blamed, and we now say No More. It is time to speak. It is time to form a chorus of voices that demand change.

This anthology is a way to channel those experiences into something inspiring and moving that encourages others to action.

We must stand together and be heard, and not be bullied into silence anymore.

Tanya Eby
Owner, Blunder Woman Productions



Submissions for the anthology are now closed.

If you have a #MeToo piece that you would like to share publicly on our blog, please send it to Include if you would like to post is under your full name, first name only, pseudonym, or anonymous.

We will do what we can to help you #BeHeard and to amplify your truth.

If you would like to support this audiobook project, please visit our GoFundMe campaign.