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Each narrator skillfully captures the definition of the word “brink”—a point at which something unwelcome is about to happen—which is illuminated in these stories. Standouts include “Getting There And Away,” in which Tanya Eby’s rendering goes from joyful to terrifying as a couple honeymoon in Bali as terrorists strike...
— Audiofile Magazine on THE BRINK

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AudioBook Reviewer's Choice Award Winner

Schaffer doesn’t waste time reminiscing about his childhood but includes enough backstory to give us perspective. With over twenty years of experience and a father with another 30 years, the author is more than expert in what it is to be part of a police organization. If someone were to ask, “can someone explain what is happening with the police recently,” it’s Bernard Schaffer.
James Patrick Cronin is a veteran narrator who has over 200 books on Audible alone. If I hadn’t known that he was narrating, I would have simply said, “wow, this cop’s got a really good voice, he should do voice work.” While I credit Cronin for his reading, he had a really well-written book to read from.

THE BRINK was the recipient of the 2017 APA-Audie Award for Best Short Story/Collection. Read Audiofile's October 2016 review.

THE BRINK was also a 2016 Voice Arts Awards Nominee.

From AudioBook Reviewer

The narrator ... did an excellent job of capturing and then projecting the rhythm of Wyshynski’s writing building excitement and using careful pauses. Eby’s voice was calming and when appropriate she injected the right amount of emotion into the reading making the book come alive for me. The poetic prose rolled off her tongue.